Ice-dyed Clothing

After three years of naturally dying silk scarves, I wanted to branch out with brighter colors. My first thought was silk painting, so I bought a kit- which has yet to be used. In the meantime, I found instructions for snow-dying, perfect for a dead-of-winter project. I was still planning on selling more fabric beaded necklaces than clothing for the summer market, so I made what I thought was a sufficient amount of snow-dyed scarves and tees. Once the summer market started, I realized I was selling more clothing than jewelry. I quickly had to order more dyes and blanks and switch to using ice. When I started selling hanky-hemmed tanks by the gross I knew I was on to something! I have the same style in long-sleeve and they are selling like crazy. I'm proud to say I have many local and repeat customers AND filled my first wholesale order!

My clothing and scarves are ice-dyed, a different method than regular tie-dye. I shape the items, place ice (or snow in winter) over them, and sprinkle on dry dye powders. As the ice melts, the dye is absorbed in beautiful patterns- much more marbled and flowery than regular tie-dye. They have been described as Monet paintings.

Many of the dyes used are a composite of different colored particles. Because they are not mixed into a liquid dye, these tiny specks of dye can dissolve separately and create an array of unexpected color. The type of fabric used also alters the final results. The same dye will come out differently on rayon vs. silk vs. cotton.

I hope my Etsy shop brightens everyone's day throughout the year!

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